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Meet Phyllis!

A retired Navy veteran with 20 years of service partnered with Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas to build her very own home. At 26 years old, Phyllis was in pursuit of a college education but had no means of paying for it. She was highly motivated and felt that she could make a career serving in the military. She was a Technical Control Operator in the Communications System department before shifting to working as a paralegal in the Jag Legal department.

After receiving many medals for her service and dedication, Phyllis was honorably discharged with enough years served making her eligible for retirement.

After 3 weeks of being enlisted in the Navy, she suffered the loss of her father. Then 19 days later, her grandfather passed away. She recalls struggling immensely with the death of close family members but persisted in her dedication to the Navy. Her faith and support from her maternal grandmother and paternal great-grandmother helped her through the sorrowful times of her life. Living on the east coast for most of her life, she decided to relocate to Las Vegas to reconnect with her daughter.

Phyllis has been living in a two-bedroom apartment and has struggled with paying over 70% of her income towards rent. She currently lives in a complex with limited security making her feel uneasy in her own home. Phyllis is looking forward to the security and well-being that will come with a home. She enjoys gardening and would like to have a peaceful area to read.

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