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Pete "The Saw Man" - You're Never Too Old to Volunteer

Updated: May 29, 2018

Pete is almost 80 years old and has been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas for 22 Years and he has no plans of stopping!

When asked why he started volunteering after he retired from in 1996 Pete explained that, “I had friends, they retire, sitting around, drinking beer, eating bonbons, watching TV, going to the hospital. Six months later, they're dead. I said, that doesn't sound like a retirement plan to me!”

Even after two hip replacements Pete still comes out to the job site as often as he can. When asked how long he wanted to continue to volunteer with Habitat Pete asked, “How much longer am I going to live? The doctor tells me if I behave myself, I got another ten years, so another ten years of building Habitat homes.”

Pete the Saw Man at a Job Site for Habitat For Humanity Las Vegas
Pete at Habitat Las Vegas' Pittman Build in Henderson

“He takes so much pride in everything he does... How can you not smile? He exemplifies what it means to volunteer and have a compassionate heart for our mission.” CEO - Douglas Coombs.

We are so proud to have Pete "The Saw Man" as one of our Red Shirt Team Leaders, and more importantly as part of our Habitat Las Vegas Family.

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