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Welcome Home Elizabeth

Elizabeth receives the news that she will soon be a homeowner!

Elizabeth is a single mother with 4 children, two boys and two girls. Elizabeth graduated from high school in 1989. She attended the Community College of Southern Nevada and graduated in 1993 with an Associates of Arts in General Studies. Elizabeth has always been a determined worker and has been employed in various professional fields. Unfortunately, there came a time in her life when she lost her job, car, and apartment. She then fell into a deep depression. This led to Elizabeth experiencing multiple hardships including homelessness.

Elizabeth helps to build her home in Henderson.

Elizabeth recalls the day she woke up and prayed to God to help her. At that moment, she realized she could not give up on herself nor her family and she would not allow this situation to consume her, she had four young people that needed her to not give up. My mother always preached that the Lord never gives you no more than you can handle. Elizabeth has four beautiful children who’ve only had her to depend on, she puts their needs 1st and that became her motivation to get back on track. Elizabeth has always felt that being a single mother has been one of the toughest yet most rewarding gifts in her life. They have always been her constant motivation to remain focused on obtaining her goals, one of which, is to own her own home. Elizabeth knows that providing a safe and stable home for her and her family will make such an uplifting reality in their lives that used to be a dream.

Today, Elizabeth continues to look forward to the future. She has been with her current employer for 6 years and counting, always seeking new opportunities to grow, and now extremely excited about being a home owner! Elizabeth is ecstatic about the construction of her new home that has begun and soon her dream of becoming a homeowner will be a reality. Elizabeth looks forward to the day she moves into her new Habitat home knowing it will be the peace of mind that a family that has been through what we have will finally get what we have dreamed and prayed for!

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