Our ReStores

Where does all the great stuff come from?
Generous donors donate 85% of the products you see in our Re-Stores. Our ReStore trucks have daily pickups and donors can drop off items to the ReStores Monday-Saturday 9am-3pm. We also partner with many businesses throughout the valley who donate excess product to Habitat for Humanity.  Several times each year conventions that take place in Las Vegas will donate their items to help us fulfill our mission. Numerous donations of new and gently used items arrive daily in the ReStores.

What is the other 15% of the great stuff in our ReStores?
Habitat for Humanity purchases a select amount of merchandise to complement our product lines. Because of our relationships with national wholesalers, we are able to offer new merchandise at very competitive prices.  


Sahara ReStore

4580 W. Sahara Ave. #120

Las Vegas, NV 89102


Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm

Sat 9am to 4pm


(702) 638-6477

Donation Hours:

Mon - Sat 9am to 3pm

Flamingo ReStore


3455 E. Flamingo Rd. #135

Las Vegas, NV 89121


Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm

Sat 9am to 4pm


(702) 458-1640

Donation Hours:

Tues - Sat 9am to 3pm


Cars for Homes

Through Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program, donated vehicles raise money to help more families. The net proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle are used by your local Habitat to build and repair affordable homes.

Just a few clicks online can get your donation in process. Someone will even come and get the vehicle for you.

ReStore Donations

The entire ReStore inventory is comprised of donated items. We partner with individuals and businesses to get quality merchandise to sell to the public. All donations must be in good and working condition, whether new or used. Please click here for a list of items we accept along with donation guidelines.